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Summer months are on their way.  That means road and tire temps are going to climb.  Make sure you are checking the air pressure in your tires.  Heat is the enemy and correct pressures help minimize the effects of heat on your tires.

If you have a blow out in the Jacksonville, FL area, call Southern Tire at (904) 389-7233.  We are open 24/7 to get you back on the road fast!  Southern Tire’s reputation for fast service is so good, our competitors nationwide call us to take care of their customers in our area.  Now that’s saying something!

Don’t get caught paying truck stop prices on the road.  Call Southern Tire!   We give you a quote on the phone before we send our tech to you, and that quote will not change.  No add on fees or shop supplies.  Flat rate, done fast. 

We have the largest selection of quality used truck tire in Jacksonville, FL!!!

Call Southern Tire (904) 389-7233. Jacksonville’s best choice in mobile truck tire repair.



Jacksonville Truck Tire Repair (904) 389-7233


Night or day, Southern Tire is ready to take care of all your over the road tire repairs.  Located in Jacksonville, FL, Southern Tire has built a reputation of competitive prices and exceptional service.

In today’s economy, getting the most tire for your money is critical.  That’s why Southern carries new truck tires as well as multi-grade used tires.  We carry high grade, high tread used virgin truck tires.  These tires are graded with over 70% original tread remaining.  Tier 2 tires have 40 to 70% original tread remaining.  We also carry a large selection of high-grade virgin re-grooves.   Whatever your budget, Southern Tire can get you back on the road fast!

if you have a truck down in Jacksonville, and need mobile tire service, call (904) 389-7233.  Let Southern Tire show you how tire service is done!


Jacksonville Truck Tire (904) 389-7233


Southern Tire is an independent tire dealer located in Jacksonville, FL.   We carry new tires from all the major manufacturers and have the largest selection of quality used tires in the area.  (904) 389-7233 is our 24/7 service line.  When you call, you always get a manager who can help you on the spot; no messages, no call backs.

Our technicians are the best in the business, and share our common goal to get you back on the road quickly and safely.  Blow-outs can often cause other problems such as mud flaps/brackets, bent wheels and damaged air lines.  Southern Tire can take care of all of those issues roadside.  No need to find a shop, no wasted time.  Our trucks are fully stocked!

If you need tire service, call (904) 389-7233 24 hours a day.  You’ll be glad you did!