Jacksonville Truck Tire Repair (904) 389-7233


Night or day, Southern Tire is ready to take care of all your over the road tire repairs.  Located in Jacksonville, FL, Southern Tire has built a reputation of competitive prices and exceptional service.

In today’s economy, getting the most tire for your money is critical.  That’s why Southern carries new truck tires as well as multi-grade used tires.  We carry high grade, high tread used virgin truck tires.  These tires are graded with over 70% original tread remaining.  Tier 2 tires have 40 to 70% original tread remaining.  We also carry a large selection of high-grade virgin re-grooves.   Whatever your budget, Southern Tire can get you back on the road fast!

if you have a truck down in Jacksonville, and need mobile tire service, call (904) 389-7233.  Let Southern Tire show you how tire service is done!


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